Count it all joy

James 1:2

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into diverse temptations; The word “count” there is a very interesting choice of accounting vocabulary used by James. The statement by no means enjoys trouble. The man was not saying add your rent problem plus a failing business plus bad relationships and be happy, no way. Count there means to weigh up all the things that you’re going through and just know you’re coming out on top! Weigh those issues and see if God is not greater than them. Weigh them and see if His name is not ABOVE those names. Count it all Joy because nothing is greater than God hallelujah!! Also notice the scripture says “when” not “if” you fall, which means challenges will come from time to time in the life of a Christian. This should come as no surprise! You will stumble upon some hurdles along the way, but you keep going. Don’t kill your joy – remember joy is a decision, not a feeling! Count it all Joy! You are coming out better and not bitter!

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Dr. Collins Odoyo

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Dr. Collins Otieno ODOYO, is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Information Technology, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. He is also the CEO of Mimshach Motivational Channel, a channel that streams online content-rich motivational messages with biblical footing.

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