Decide to Prosper

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John 6:29
Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe
on him whom he hath sent.
God’s greatest desire is that you prosper. Your prosperity is a done deal. It has already been secured for you. The key is that it has been packaged and presented to you in a person.

Prophets are sent in times of drought to usher you into abundance. Whenever you see a prophet, you have seen the end of your drought and the entry point to your prosperity. God has made it so simple for you to prosper. You need only believe the words of the one He has sent to prosper you.

Throughout the Bible, every time God found someone in deep problems, He created a strategy to get them out. His strategy to get you out of lack is His prophet. Your miracle is right in front of you. All it takes is a decision to follow the instruction of the one God has sent to you. Right now, you can walk out of your dry season and into your prosperity.

By Prophet Ubert Angel

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Dr. Collins Odoyo

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